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By developers, for developers

[code]capi was founded by Chris Koster and Rick Ekelschot, both experienced developers. During their work for leading agencies and organisations, they discovered how a project will succeed when bringing the right developers together in a team. Because of our backgrounds we say [code]capi is 100% developer-driven. We understand the reality of our clients and know better than anyone how to develop the best solution for your business needs, with developers you can rely on.

What we can do for you

Get better together

At [code]capi we want to deliver the best online solutions, with a team of elite developers we can help your project succeed. We will go through great lengths to reach our goals. We do not link developers to projects, but the other way around. For us this is the only way to make sure it's beneficial for both you, the client, and the team of developers. We cherish a culture in which independence is central and in which we will always help each other. This way we get better together.

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who we are

Rick Ekelschot

Rick has been working as front-end developer at Magic Bullet, CODE D'AZUR, Frontmen, he was Lead developer at Albert Heijn and is now co-founder of [code]capi.

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Chris Koster

Chris was front-end developer at NOS, ABN Amro, Fox Sports and Albert Heijn and is now co-founder of [code]codecapi.

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